Formal Men Fashion-A Basic Round Up

 men formal trends

Formal is just like being professional in fashion. In formal look you reveal your taste of fashion and the way you carry it. Many guys don’t even bother to consider what they are wearing before going to office or stepping out for a night party. But many guys take it so serious that they make big blunders in their fashion. So like casual fashion, formal fashion is also not complicated so don’t make it complex that it drags you to the well of foolish blunders. The most important thing to look amazing, eye catchy and incredibly stylish is the fashion in relaxation.

Just go easy when you are up to choose a dress for your office, business meeting, date sitting or a night formal party. All you need is a perfect guide for the up to date thing in latest seasonal trends...

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Casual Men Fashion-A Winter’s Basic Round up

     casual men fashion  Men usually misinterpret the word casual, when it comes to their dressing. They take casual dressing as very simple or sometime wearing that old jeans with bulky t-shirt for casual feel. If you are among those men, then you just need some tips from your fashionista. A man with complete stylish personality stay keen about his style even when he is up to go to bed. So fashion in casual is the way to express your keen interest in looking stylish and up to date. Well guys, I have a secret for you… girls don’t like a rough and tough guy. So be dandy in shorts, stylish in T’s and attractive in your jeans. It’s all about the way and the choice you opt for. So being a men fashionista I am going to write a casual men fashion round up for winters...

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